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We love food. We really do. We cherish eating and drinking. Day and night we dream of rabbits, pigs and lambs roaming across the fields, wild boar rolling in the muddy forest soil, and crispy-green veg that has never been near a shrink wrap foil.

However, we don’t just dream about it: all this can be had here in the Eifel. We see the region as one large market stall from which to pick and choose anything that takes our fancy. Meat, fish, vegetables and cheese are sourced from local producers; our kitchen operates in tandem with the seasons and brings gorgeous food from “farm to table”.

Chefs Recky and Leo create uncomplicated yet innovative and, above all, tasty offerings from such top-notch ingredients and seeks to present a new take on traditional regional dishes, never forgetting the fact that the Eifel has never been a particularly fertile and wealthy region. Traditionally, the industrious and largely self-sufficient Eifel mountain inhabitants have always been experts at making the best use of what little they had. And so the Freistaat Eifel cooking is based on this philosophy of “delicious simplicity”.

24. Februar 2013 von recky
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